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About Ludimate

Here at Ludimate we try hard to create remarkable games and other interactive experiences.
We believe in video games: games are important - they are a part of life and can give you that "special something" that nothing else can... And we try to make games that remind you how important it is to be alive and have fun and enjoy yourself.
Thank you for playing our games - we hope you're having a great time!

Ludimate is a division of FaronStudio Unip. Lda.
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Sales and Info:
Postal Address: Esc. Olarias, 7 - 1 DT
1100-375 Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

Social Responsibility

FaronStudio, the company behind Ludimate, is engaged in social causes, for the current time in the animal welfare area:

In 2013/2014 we've sponsored D. Quixote, a donkey ("burro" in Portuguese) of the AEPGA donkey sanctuary in Miranda do Douro in the northeast of Portugal. With the decline of traditional agriculture, donkeys are today an endangered species and the AEPGA sanctuary develops important initiatives for the preservation of the local species, the "Burro de Miranda". Here's a photo of D. Quixote:
Since the company was founded, FaronStudio contributes to maintain Adopta-me, the largest Portuguese website of animal adoption. Adopta-me is a non-profit website that helps abandoned or distressed animals find new homes. Animal abandonment and welfare is still quite a problem in Portugal and the responsible adoption of animals is a step in the right direction. Adopta-me's website:

Privacy Statement

Ludimate respects your privacy and is committed to protect any information you share with us. Email addresses, orders and personal information will be used solely by us and our ecommerce partner. In no event shall any personal information be shared or in any other way given to any third party.

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