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Tilelander is a surprising game that can be played as a puzzle or as an action game - it's up to you whether to play in a relaxed mood or with a furious attitude!


Save Tileland from the invasion of the evil Xyzon empire by filling tile areas and using special items such as blasts, remote controls and generators to complete level after level.

Awards and Reviews

Tilelander wins
Champion Award:
Best Entertainment Application!

Tilelander wins the Entertainment
category of
UIQ Open 2007!

Tilelander is one of
Adrenaline Vault's Top Casual PC Games!

"This is the kind of game that will leap off the console and leave a lasting impression, along the lines of Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris and other iconic video games that helped shape a genre." - Just Another Mobile Monday (Pocket PC version)

"Sometimes you find a game with graphics and gameplay that just rocks your socks off. Tilelander is such a game." - spmwinkel_PPC

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