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Q: I've arrived at a location but Geominder did not notify me?

A: This can happen if the location where you created the reminder is too large or far from mobile network cell antennas. You can fix this, when at the location where the notification failed, by selecting the icon for the correct location in the main screen and then selecting "Learn location - Set here as..." from the Options menu. By doing this, Geominder will know that this place is also part of the location and that future reminders should also notify there.


Q: Geominder notifies me when arriving at the location, but still somewhat distant from the intended exact position?

A: Since Geominder uses mobile network cell id information, this can happen if the location is covered by few antennas, which may happen in sparsely populated areas, for example in the country.
A simple workaround is, in the Notification dialog, to stop the alarm and then select ‘Repeat In…' which can be used to have Geominder notify you within a certain period of time (while still at the location).


Q: Sometimes the current location changes to unknown?

A: This means that Geominder doesn't yet know a second network antenna which also covers the current location. To fix this, select the icon for the current location in the main screen and then select "Learn location - Set here as..." from the Options menu. By doing this, Geominder will learn that this antenna is also part of the current location solving the problem.


Q: When I install Geominder for the first time, no locations appear?

A: Geominder needs to learn your interesting locations before being able to create reminders for them. A location can be learned by selecting "Learn location - New location" and entering the name for the location and picking an icon for the location.
Once a location is learned, it can then be used to create location-based reminders.


Q: Why do voice notes record only a few seconds?

A: This means that your device's main memory or memory card is full, causing Geominder to only record as much audio as possible for the existing free space. To increase available free space, delete unused files (images, video, music) in the drive were Geominder is installed.


Q: In a Nokia 7650 when doing a re-installation I receive an error during install and voice notes and some alarms won't play?

A: This is a known issue with old Nokia 7650 firmware versions. To solve it, simply reboot your device after this re-installation error occurs - on power-up Geominder will be working OK.





Q: Getting Error "Installation Security Error" or "Certificate Error"

A: This happens if your Symbian device was shipped application-locked by your mobile operator. To install, just follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, go to: Tools > App. Manager.
  2. Click Options, then select Settings and turn 'Software installation' to "On". While you're in this dialog, make sure 'Online certificate check' is 'Off'.
  3. Install the software by copying it to the phone over BlueTooth, Infra-Red or USB.
  4. After a successful installation you can set the values in step 1 to their previous values, if you prefer.



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