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Q: Is there a user guide for Sensible Sudoku?

A: Although it was designed to be very intuitive and simple to use we do have a user guide available here: Sensible Sudoku User Guide in PDF.


Q: What is Sudoku and how does Sensible Sudoku work?

A: The rules behind Sudoku itself are very simple - you need to enter numbers between 1 and 9 on the non-filled cells, so that each row and column of the board only has a number once (no repetitions inside each row and column); also each area (areas are the 3x3 square blocks) can only hold each of the 9 numbers only once. With the initial and entered numbers as clues and these non-repetition rules, it's possible to keep discovering numbers till the board is completed.

Sensible Sudoku starts in an easy mode that won't allow wrong numbers to be entered - more advanced players might choose to switch to a mode where the game won't warn you on incorrect numbers.
For harder levels, the pencil mode (pencil icon at the right-bottom corner) is useful as it let's you annotate the possible numbers for a cell.

Sensible Sudoku doesn't include a user manual, because it was designed to be very intuitive, if the player knows Sudoku, the game should unroll in an intuitive way for the player - this was the intention behind Sensible's design.


Q: What do the Pen and Pencil buttons in the bottom-right corner mean?

A: When the Pencil button is selected, entered numbers display as annotations for the possible values in a certain cell. Entering the same pencil number again will remove it from that cell. However when the Pen button is selected all entered numbers are definitive. You can alternate between Pen and Pencil by using the Right Soft Key (on most Windows Mobile and Symbian devices) or the # key in Symbian Series 60 and UIQ devices.


Q: What do the Area Hint and Cell Hint options in the Help menu do?

A: These options mark the cells in an area or a single cell that might be a good and easy candidate for your next number. Studying the numbers around the marked positions will provide you with extra clues to find the right number. Also available is the Full Hint option which gives the exact number for a cell (which of course spoils the fun in the game!)


Q: How to get rid of pencil numbers set by the Pencil All option?

A: Just select Pencil All once or twice to get rid of all the set pencil marks.


Q: How do I delete a wrong pen number?

A: If you're playing in Allow Wrong Pen mode (selectable in the Preferences), just select the same number on an already set cell and it will delete the existing number.


Windows Mobile


Q: Installation Error [Windows Smartphone only]

A: Sensible Sudoku won't be able to install if your Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/5.0 device is application-locked. This setting is configured by some mobile operators in order for the device to only accept certain signed applications. Try contacting your operator as it might be possible (in some devices it's a simple operation) to unlock your phone and have access to a larger variety of software.


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