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Free those colors! Shoot away balls, blast blocks and clear levels. Sounds easy? You'll need to deal with bombs, movers and attractors, as well as evil descenders and generators. Not to mention the King - beware the mighty King! And even gravity is against you.

X-Rainbow is an original game with a blend of straight fun, ability and puzzling elements: sometimes you'll get away with a happy ball-shooting spree, but on other occasions it pays to take a good look at that level.

• A fun original game with great gameplay
• Includes 70 levels with a variety of challenges (20 levels in the free version)
• Easy to play, challenging to master
• Straightforward level help
• Refreshing colorful graphics

What's the X-Rainbow story? It began with violet and went all the way to red: the evil Dr. Darko somehow froze the colors of the rainbow into solid blocks! Dr. Darko left them scattered over 70 levels and his block army will do anything to stop you from freeing the rainbow colors frozen in those blocks. As you advance across the levels, Dr. Darko will place harder and meaner obstacles to your progress...

Can you take the challenge? It's great fun - get X-Rainbow now!

Oops, X-Rainbow is no longer available in the mobile app stores - but you can play the web version right now.

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